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Fly-dragon Electric Co.Ltd. established in 1985, is known as a leading manufacturer of high an low-voltage electric appliance, which has integrated scientific research, development, produce, sales and service. We uphold the concept of technological innovation and cooperate with colleges and institutions to enhance the technology content of products constantly. Based on the principles of people oriented, peace being most precious, common development and core value of win-win, we formed a development mode of differentiation, diversification, largescale and collectivization.

Our leading producets include high and low voltage transmission and distribution equipment, high voltage components, vacuum swith. load switch,disconnector, arrester, drop-fuset as well as industrial plug and socket, terminal and so on.
we inplement ISO9001 and ISO4000 strictly and effectively, and most of our products have got the world famous cerificates such as CE,CB,Russian PCT,Sweden S.Aregentina IRAM .UL of  U.S.A and china CCC. We also have botained the prizes of Advanced Enterprise, the  City Star Enterprise, the Advanced Export Enterprises. Advanced Fpreign Invested Enterprise. AAA National Credit Enterprose, AAA Bank Credit Enterprises. etc.

Having our products exported to more than 100 countries and regions such as Europe. North and South America. Middle East, Australia, Asia we have developed a good marketing network. Modern enterprise marketing concepts and humanity won our company good reputation in both domestic and overseas markets.

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